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Agrochemical products

Agricultural desalinators

In an optimal agricultural production we must have a soil with all quality standards, including salinity. In addition, we must take into account the salinity of water resources, avoiding a high rate of salt water in agricultural irrigation water.


There are devices to apply reverse osmosis processes that we can apply to the used water that is used in many areas near the sea, but not in other areas or in the soil itself. The most recommended solution is to apply specific agricultural products, in this case, a soil desalination agent.

Salt correctors in agriculture

The salinity correctors will allow a better drainage and a correct structure of the soil, also allowing a better retention of the fertilizers. It acts as a corrector against calcium deficiencies. In addition, results are obtained for the crops with the minimum impact on the environment.


Conditioner for saline soils or soils irrigated with high salinity water. Its use contributes to leaching the inorganic salts that block these soils, restoring the correct ion exchange capacity in the soil colloids.

Composition: Calcium oxide (caO) soluble in water: 10%; Calcium oxide (CaO) complexed by lignosulfonic acid (LS): 5%. Soluble liquid (SL).

Dose: Localized irrigation, apply 25 – 70 L/Ha, divided into 3 – 4 irrigations during the year.

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