José Morera S.L.

José Morera S.L. Company for the manufacture and sale of agrochemicals

Agrochemicals are products that are born from chemical research, with an important role as a complement in all kinds of crop protection and nutrition strategies.

We are an agrochemical company that offers the highest quality in agrochemical products in general.

Agrochemical solutions and products

We manufacture agrochemical solutions. Some, intended to protect your crops from the frequent problems that affect crops. Others, to optimize the soil or provide the necessary nutrients to the vegetables. Different objectives and functions, same goal: to maximize performance and production.


At Morera we sell agrochemical products with different functions and we have a wide variety. From special fertilizers and biostimulants to products that increase and enhance the natural defenses of plants. Also desalinators and products with amino acids and nutrients as well as deficiency correctors.

Sustainable agriculture

Are you looking for an ecological fertilizer or fertilizers that produce the minimum impact on our environment? The agrochemical sector does not have to be at odds with sustainable agriculture. And an example is our products.


We have products suitable for use in organic farming without putting crops or the environment at risk.

Why trust us?

Years of experience (decades), guaranteed quality and the necessary resources, including an area for R&D projects. Of course, our agrochemical company strictly complies with all current regulations related to environmental protection.


Aware of the importance of conserving the environment, Morera implements appropriate management and recycling processes for this purpose, and with a packaging selection policy that guarantees a minimum environmental impact.

Research and Development

One of the factors that distinguishes Morera, in an increasingly competitive sector, is its capacity for research and innovation, offering solutions that are increasingly more specific, more technical, but also simpler and cheaper.

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Quality and traceability are a consequence of the mulberry structure, with rigorous control of all production processes, packaging, purchase of raw materials, commercial management, internal administration, customer service, management and treatment of our waste.

About us

We are a company founded in 1965. We focus our work on the research of new chemical products intended for the protection and nutrition of crops and plants in general, trying to direct our efforts in the development of innovative solutions that have frequently been adopted by the generality. of the agrochemical sector.


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