Amino Acids

Sintex® foliar


Special liquid fertilizer based on synthetic amino-acids with chelated microelements. It favours the penetration of other compounds in the plant (fertilizers or pest control agents).

COMPOSITION: Free L-amino acids: 8.8%; total Nitrogen (N): 8%; micronutrients (fe, mn, zn, B, mo). chelating agent: EDtA. Soluble liquid (SL).

Dose: Vegetables and ornamental crops: 300 - 500 mL/HL (0.3 - 0.5%). citrus and fruits trees: 300 - 400 mL/HL (0.3 - 0.4%); Olive and grape: 2 - 4 L/Ha; Beetroot, potato and corn: 2 - 3 L/Ha

Sintex® forte


Liquid fertilizer based on synthetic amino-acids. rich in methionine, which favours the elongation of stems and branches. the proportion of its amino-acids has been developed to favour the vegetative growth. High content in organic matter.

COMPOSITION: Free L-amino acids 13.3%. total Nitrogen (N): 10%; Potassium oxide (K2O): 3%; total organic matter: 18,3%. Soluble liquid (SL).

Dose: foliar spray: 200 - 300 mL/HL (0.2 - 0.3%). Localized irrigation: 3 or 4 application, with a total amount of 8 - 10 L/Ha

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