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The International Investigation center of potatoes starts its wide investigation about Morera's products


The International Investigation center of potatoes (CIP, Centro Internacional de la Papa) starts its wide investigation about Morera’s products. The CIP has started to work in collaboration with José Morera, S.L. in order to carry out a wide investigation about the effect on potatoes of different vegetable extracts, in particular the Forticol range, and the effect of different phosphites, in particular the Glassrange, all them products of Morera.


The Morera’ s range of vegetable extracts is showing to be a valuable tool that can be used alternatively to the conventional products, thanks to the phytofortify properties of the Forticol range.

The Glassproducts range, that is already known by farmer of different Latino-American countries, specially in Ecuador, it’s showing an high variety of product and an high quality; for this reason it represent a concrete solution to the different problems that affect latino-american agriculture.

One more time it was proved the firm and determined commitment of José Morera S.L. with the latinoamerican market.


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I+D   fields trials   outstanding product  
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