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The powdery mildew is a fungal disease affecting the great part of cultivated plants and ornamental crops. The economic damages caused by this kind of disease result to have a great impact on agriculture systems, specially in winter crops as for example grapevine, drupe or pome fruit trees cultivation. The powdery mildew disease symptoms are quite distinctive; infected plants display a powdery white or grey mycelial mat on the adaxial leaf surface. Severe infection can lead to leaf chlorosis, premature senescence and reduction in fruit size and quality. Pathogens that cause powdery mildew disease are: Sphaerotheca sp., Erysiphe sp, Leveillula taurica, Uncinula necator; some of them present different host species and other have been detected in only one specific host specie. These fungi develop between 10 and 30 ºC being 25ºC the optimal temperature. Spore germination and consequent plant infection is favoured by high relative humidity, but not by free water, as occurs in rainy season.

Fungus development cycle is relatively short; only seven days are sufficient between contamination and symptoms appearance. Until now, the only way to control the fungus attack was the chemical treatment with sulphur, systemic fungicides or Strobilurin. The first one needs specific temperature to be effectively applied; in no adequate condition it can causes phytotoxicity. The other two products could induce the development of specific fungus resistance.



Forticol JOBA is a product based on Jojoba oil (Simmonsdia chinensis), obtained through mechanical extraction process from the fruit, operating at low temperature in order to reduce quality loss.

Natural adjuvants added in product formulation ensure the complete emulsion of this product in water; in this way it is possible to guarantee a great uniformity and homogeneity in product application.



Forticol JOBA was tested in different crops and zones in order to prove its effectiveness.

The great part of the test was realized in Almeria region (Spain).

Pepper and aubergine plants, cultivated in different greenhouse, were employed to carry out the assays.

Forticol JOBA effect was compared with other products used to reduce powdery mildew attacks; both chemical, conventional and last generation products were employed.

The Forticol JOBA dose applied was 0,4% (4mL/L) trough foliar spraying. To wet all part of plant (leafs, branch, etc) is required to obtain an effective fungal control, spraying coverage should be uniform and complete.

In pepper plant Forticol JOBA application was compared with a treatment using three different products as Flutriafol, Strobirulin or Cyproconazole, respectively applied to the dose recommended by manufacturers.

In a second test, aubergine plants treated with Forticol JOBA was compared with plants treated with Kresoxim-methyl, Chlorothalonil and Azoxystrobin.



Forticol JOBA was applied when powdery mildew infection symptoms were observed. Both assays showed that Forticol JOBA results more effective than others fungicide treatments in order to control powdery mildew. Forticol JOBA completely stopped disease development on plant leafs while the other treatment was not able to do it (Fig 1, 2, 3 and 4).

Fig.1. Pepper leaf treated with conventional fungicide.

Fig.2. Pepper leafs treated with Forticol JOBA


In figure n3 is possible to observe that leaf treated with conventional fungicide present fungus conidia on leaf surface. On the other hand aubergine leaf treated with Forticol JOBA only presents a residual spot on their surface, proving the curative effect of our product. In addition jojoba oil is rainfast after application has dried, that prevents further infections over time.


Fig. 3. Aubergine leaf after two application of conventional fugicides.


Fig. 4. Aubergine leaf after one application of Forticol JOBA



Forticol JOBA was also tested with courgette and cucumber plants, obtaining similar results.

It is recommended to apply Forticol JOBA in properly maintained and calibrated equipment capable of delivering, homogeneously, the desired volumes.







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