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Soils with a low flocculation level are not suitable for plant cultivation and can casues severe damages to the crop: it reduces roots development, element availability, and consequently a reduced vigour of the plants and lost of production.

Cal flow is a liquid calcic amendment formulated as a concentrate suspension, it is recommended in order to restore Calcium in soil; the application of this product preserves soil structure that can be compromised in overexploited soils or in case of fertilizer abuse.

The application of Cal flow increases the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and putting at the disposal of the root system different kinds of nutrients blocked by other sales.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of Cal flow in a bilberry crop plot located in “Comuna de Villa Prat, Maule (Chile)”, the principal problem of this crop was the compacting soil that drastically reduces fertility.

Only one application of Cal flow was carried out at the dose of 30 L/Ha, in another plot a standard product was applied at the same dose 30 L/Ha, both application was carried out in autumn. An untreated plot was left for comparison.

The standard product used in this trial is an organic amendment (80% content of humic and fulvic acids), the technical data sheet of this product indicates that it improve physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soils, producing clays disaggregation and increasing structural stability and fertility,the dose recommended is 30L/Ha in crop with adult plants. 

After 40 days from the beginning of the treatment plots treated showed an increased vigour respect to the untreated control, in plot treated with Cal flow it was possible to detect very significant differences respect to the control.

Five months after treatment, soil samples were taken from the three plots and analysed into the laboratories of the Talca University, the results are shown in attached table.





Cal flow





Nitrogen (N) ppm

15 B

29 M

63 MA

Phosphorus (P) ppm

38 MA

78 MA

186 MA

Potassium (K) ppm

320 MA

500 MA

646 MA

Calcium (Ca) cmol (+)/Kg

5,55 M

6,09 M

8,85 A

Magnesium (Mg) cmol (+)/kg

3,22 A

1,68 A

3,97 A

Sodium (Na) cmol (+)/Kg

0,19 MB

0,13 MB

0,35 B





Zinc (Zn) ppm

0,36 B

1,30 A

10,80 A

Manganese (Mn) ppm


18,36 A

18,12 A

Iron (Fe) ppm


86,28 A

56,04 A

Copper (Cu) ppm


0,94 A

1,48 A

Boron (B) ppm


0,91 M

1,98 A





CEC cmol (+)/Kg




O.M. %





5,55 mAC

5,08 mAC

5,65 mAC

CE dS/m

0,181 S/R

0,105 S/R

0,371 S/R

MA= Very High

A= High

M= Medium

B= low

MB= Very low

NEU= neutral

mAC= moderate acid

S/R= with no risk

In addition to the significant increase of vigour and development of the plants treated with Cal flow, it was possible to observe that CEC increase a 30 % in plot treated, as well as the availability of all the nutrients.

In conclusion it would be interesting to test Cal flow with a product based on humic acids (as HumeSint), in order to induce a greater improvement in soil condition and consequently in crop production. 

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