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The future is strictly related to the environment. As we depend on it, Morera acts in order to cause no damages or alterations, and finally that our industrial activity has no detrimental effect on the environment.

Aware of the importance of environment preservation and of its delicate structure, Morera has iimplemented a waste management and a recycling plan, according to this objective

The environment preservation was taken in consideration since the Morera factory was planed and conceived. This implies a specific control on every industrial activity, minimizing residues produced during chemical processes, and choosing adequate containers with a low environment impact.
In this way, Morera does a personal step for the Earth preservation, because it belongs to all of us. So that our sons can inherit an habitable, clean and beautiful world.
“Environment is our sustenance.”
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I+D   fields trials   outstanding product  
Morera participates in the fair SIAM of Meknes (Morocco)
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Morera takes part to AGROEXPO 2012 (Don Benito, Spain).
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